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Compared with other male masturbators, this sexoralab man masturbator is pretty good at this price.

Product Features:

Man Masturbator in Thrusting & Spinning Modes. : This man masturbator is well-designed with multiple thrusting & rotating modes. Put on the button, you can feel like a sexy girl is sucking your penis softly but tightly, thrust up and down constantly. This man masturbator can provide you such stimulation and max your pleasure. Importantly, you don’t need to the consumption of physical energy.

Sexy Female Moans: This man masturbator has an audio feature with 3 different female moans, it’s great to use with the included headphones so that you can enjoy the real sex life Secretly. You don’t even need a new girlfriend anymore!

Realistic Inner Granules: Before having fun with this man masturbator, please make sure there are enough water-based lubricants on the masturbator. Inside the masturbator sleeve, there are full of soft granules which give you strong sensations. You can quickly reach the top with the help of sexoralab’s man masturbator. 

High-quality Material: ABS + TPE. This man masturbator is made from high-quality and skin-friendly material, so it is soft and touched like real human skin. Moreover, this man masturbator is almost no taste. The special realistic soft material designed to give you a marvelous deep-throat sexual experience.

Satisfied After-sales Service: This man masturbator absolutely has private packaging. We advise using the shower gel or neutral detergent to clean after using this adult toy. This a really well-made male masturbation toy that is really enjoyable.

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