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4 In 1 8.3 Inch Rotating Heating Telescopic Thrusting Dildo

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7.1 Inch Ultra Realistic Dual Density Liquid Silicone Strong Suction Cup Dildo

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Are you someone who can’t get enough of penetration?

No wonder you like going for the big toys! Some people say that five to six inches of length is enough. But only a thrill seeker such as you can shoot for bigger things.

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Playing with a dildo is nothing too overwhelming (other than the size). For the most part—and unless it’s a strap-on—you control everything. How fast or how deep you want to go all depends on you. So, even if you think that you can’t handle a bigger size, it will come eventually with practice.

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The entire collection varies. You’ll find plenty of options with tons of different features and styles. The only thing that’s common between them is their length. But when it comes to their width and other surprises, no two are the same.

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