Remote Control Dildos

5 Best Remote Control Dildos in 2022 to Elevate your Sex Life

A remote control dildo resembles a natural penis but with advanced features. You are missing out if your sex toy collection does not have a remote-controlled vibrator. These high-tech gadgets penetrate your sweet spots making your dreams come true.

These remote vibrating dildos are authentic for couples in long-distance relationships. There are also High-tech design waterproof gadgets that you can use while in the swimming pool or a shower. Those who adore colorful dildos have pink, blue, purple, rainbow, and purple cocks.

Common Type of Remote Controlled Dildo

There are two types of dildos that you can control using a remote. The dong will either come with a dedicated remote or you will need to download a vibrator app.


❖ Long Distance Vibrators-These devices are controlled via the internet. They are long-distance vibrators that work remotely. Couples make the best out of their situation by burning hot their sex life. The only requirement is for partners to have a stable internet connection. It would be disappointing for the Wi-Fi to start acting up while you are in the middle of a wall-clawing orgasm.

❖ Remote Controlled Dildo with Dedicated Remote- These remote vibrating dildos should be used in the same room. The remote can either be wired or wireless, depending on the manufacturer. Their designs make them the best couple vibrators. Alternatively, you can easily use the dong during solo play.

❖ Mobile App Remote Control Dildo- The vibrator requires users to connect it to Bluetooth. It only works while you are on a specific range. Use your phone to alternate the speed and control the movement. You create your vibration pattern. Additionally, you can also sync your favorite song rhythm for erotic vibration.


❖ Wearable Remote Control Vibrator- You have probably seen this in a movie. Couples wear vibrators to enjoy subtle public orgasms. People will hardly notice you have the dildo since it's wireless and can be used on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can wear the device to work and have your partner control it at home.

❖ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Vibrator-the majority of wireless remote-controlled dildos require users to control them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The main drawdown is distance limitation. Therefore you can only use the dong while you are in the same room.

How to Use Remote Control Dildo

Using a remote-controlled dildo is not rocket science. Sexologists say couples can achieve a healthy and happier union using vibrators. The devices also help to improve communication skills in the relationship. You will be able to learn the body language of your spouse through observation. Hence, increasing the speed of blowing up their minds. Here are some hints to get you started with your pleasure gadget.



➢ Try it out

Practice how to use the remote control sex toy in the comfort of your home before your first public play. It helps to avoid any disappointments. Do not short-live your fantasy due to some technical hitches.

➢ Low Key Play

Does the thought of having taboo intimacy intrigue you? You will be thrilled to know App controlled vibrators are discreet. Having intercourses in public is illegal in some States. But who will even know you have a dong in your erogenous zone when your partner sits across the table? However kinky, it is paramount to be respectful and mindful of other people in public.


➢ Choose Quality Devices

The market has several counterfeit cheap quality remote controlled vibrators. Before getting one, ensure you read customer reviews. For a bliss, vibration feeling, buy sex toys with high-quality motors. Additionally, go for body-safe material like a silicone remote control vibrator.

➢ Be a team player

Using a remote vibrating dildo requires you to be a team player. It is sexy to please each other by following their guidance. For first-time toy users, a small vibrating dildo can work magic. But without proper communication, everything could go south.  Ensure you set rules to avoid overstepping. For instance, you can devise a safe word to indicate your limit.



➢ Consider your Taste and Preference

Buy a remote control vibrating dildo that is ideal for you. Do you fancy having a discreet public play? Are you looking for ways to spice up a long-distance relationship? Or do you want to feel a vibration in your sweet spot? The sex toy market has dynamic designs customized to arouse users' preferences.

5 Best Remote Control Dildos

Remote control dildo grants a wall-clawing orgasm. You will stay connected with your spouse during work or in a long-distance relationship. We have the perfect gadgets for those who want a vibration on their butt or vagina without bending over their bodies to reach a button.

1. 10 Rotating Heating Realistic Dildo

This is a powerful realistic dildo vibrator that is made from ultra-silky silicone. You can use the gadget as a throat trainer or for the clitoris, g-spot, and p-spot stimulation. The device also has a unique heating element that helps you climax easily.

The material grants a smooth thrusting and you can wear the toy for long hours. Play with the 10 rotating and 10 vibration modes to reach the sweetest deepest corners. Luckily this is a waterproof rechargeable pleasure tool without limitation. Enjoy a sweet rumbly ride during your shower or while at the pool.


✅Soft, lifelike, and with multiple sexual pleasure

✅A Suction cup dildo vibrator


✅A unisex vibrating, heating, and rotating dildo

✅Sponteneous remote thrilling fun

✅Discreet packaging


❌ Some beginners prefer smaller size cocks

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2. 6 IN 1 Thrusting Heating Telescopic & Squirming Dildo

The modest 6 in 1  realistic remote vibrating dildo has a lifelike head, shaft, and balls. It has a length of 8.6 inches with an additional stretch of 1.5 inches. The big boy uses advanced technology. For a magical play, utilize the 10 vibrating frequency, thrusting, and rotating modes. The remote control sex toy has 360° rotating beads and lifelike veins. Both tease your butt or vibrate your G-spot till you climax.


✅Vibrating, swing, 42° heating, rotating, thrusting, and remote control features.

✅Liquid silicone material is ultra-realistic and smooth

✅Stimulated the G-spot and the P-spot

✅Harness compatible

✅Powerful suction cup vibrating dildo for a hand-free ride

✅Epic pleasure from the rotating beads and varying ball-turning speeds

✅Discreet packaging


❌ Some beginners prefer smaller size cocks

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3. 8.5-Inch Thrusting Rotating Heating Remote Control Dildo

Achieve a man-like experience with the rotating curved remote control dildo. The gadget has a suction cup compatible with a harness or solo hand-free penetration. Fortunately, this is a telescoping, vibrating, rotating, and heating dildo. The 8-frequency mode grants multiple orgasms. The 8.5 In dong is ideal for huge dildo lovers. Fill up your erogenous spots and enjoy the varying turbulence pleasure.



✅A remote control dildo with 4-in-1 features

✅Soft and thick cock pleases your sensitive zones

✅Stimulates the G-spot and the P-spot

✅Harness compatible huge vibrating dildo

✅Waterproof remote controlled sex toy

✅Designed from high-quality liquid silicone

✅Discreet packaging


❌ You can only use the remote control vibrator for an hour

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4. 4 IN 1 Clitoral Stimulation Suction Cup Realistic Dildo

The award of the best remote controlled dildo goes to this 4-in-1 shaft. If you love being licked like our editor this is a must-have device. Within a minute you will have a consecutive satisfying climax. You can enjoy the blended orgasm from the  360° rotation, 5 thrusting, 7 vibration, and 7 licking features.



✅Enjoy hand-free experience

✅Get a tantalizing quadruple orgasm

✅Remote controls the tongue licking frequency, telescoping, and vibration mode

✅USB rechargeable

✅Vibrating clitorial stimulator

✅Smooth and flexible neck

✅Intense orgasm


❌ You can only use the remote control vibrator for an hour

❌Works only when you are in the same room

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5. Thick Heating Automatic Vibrating Dildo

The realistic thick dildo has a heating element that escalates the blood flow allowing users to enjoy euphoric pleasure. The 6.3 Inches telescopic length expands by 1.18 In something the average penis cannot achieve. The 7 thrusting modes deliver an intense orgasm. Additionally, you can attach the suction cup to any surface for smooth masturbation.  The toy is also designed from high-quality soft silicone material



✅A remote vibrating dildo with a suction cup

✅Hand-free play

✅7 powerful vibration modes

✅ Thick remote control dildo

✅USB rechargeable

✅A unisex dildo

✅Intuative remote control


❌ Too thick for beginners

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Verdict: The time to Buy a Remote Control Toy is now!

Being in a long-distance relationship does not mean you have to halt your sex life. There are ways to keep the union fun and juicy. A remote control dildo serves a couple's needs by giving the partner power to control their orgasm. Lezo Vibes has the better option for sex toy users who are into kinky and BDSM. Playing with the vibration speed can get messy and bring your imagination to life!


What are remote controlled dildos?

Remote control dildos are like any other dildo in the industry because they have a vibrating motor. The sex toy gadget can thrust, pulsate, rotate, and vibrate. It also has a controller that switches the speed and vibration rhythm.


The gadgets are designed for solo and couple-play. We have both wireless remote control dildos and Wi-Fi dongs. The majority of these dildos have 10 or more speeds. The realistic dildo vibrators have a flexible head, which delivers intense pleasure and sweet insertion. You can easily control the speed using your hand without racing down your legs.

Which are the common Features of Remote Vibrating Dildos?

Fortunately, remote controlled vibrators are designed with attractive features with users in mind. The pleasure tools are customized, and it’s hard to list all features. However, there are similar features like speed and a controller. You can use the remote to create a personalized pattern and control the vibration, frequency, and speed.


In-built vibrator-Remote-controlled dildos have a vibration mode ranging from 10 to 50 speeds. You can control the variation or request your partner.

Local Control- Most remote dildos can only be controlled from the same room. However, we have advanced App controlled vibrator models which you can operate from anywhere via Wi-Fi and Smartphone.

Mobile App and Panel Control- There are phone-controlled vibrators and panel-controlled vibrators. The latter is also known as a computer-controlled dildo. You need to install the application on your computer or desktop. Work best for couples in long-distance relationships. By simply clicking on the button, the vibrator grants the pleasure wish.

Wired and wireless remote control didos- You can buy a wired or wireless vibrating dong. Although wireless dildos are more common due to their flexibility and remote use.


Rechargeable- Plenty of remote control sex toys are USB rechargeable. You need to charge them for a few hours to enjoy a breathtaking penetration. Choose dildos with long battery life.

Wearable- There are wearable dildos that are comfortable for long hours of insertion.  They come with unique wearable panties to hold them in place for the entire day. You can therefore surprise your partner with a press of a button.


How to Use a Remote Control Dildo?

You do not need extensive knowledge to operate the remote controlled vibrator. You only need to grasp some tips and you are good to go. Here are steps to ensure you have a magical moment:

1. Take time to read the manual. You will know how to operate, control, and clean the remote vibrating dildo. You need to know how to charge the device or whether there are batteries. If there is any application required, install it on your mobile phone. You can play with the controls to familiarize yourself before using them with your partner.

2. Envision and create a romantic scenery. Find erotic music, colorful roses, light scented candles, get a drink, and wear sexy clothes. Be in the moment to enjoy every second of the solo or couple play.

3. Warm up for a good sex mood. Play with yourself using your fingers, watch porn, and your partner could also lick you. You could also use the head of the dildo to tease and penetrate lightly. Avoid full penetration unless you are using lube. Before switching on the vibration, make sure you are wet and ready.

4. Once comfortable with the plain penetration, switch on the vibration. Start with low speed and increase onward. You can go up to full speed if you are not afraid to test your limit.

5. Clean the remote-controlled dildo after use. It prevents getting an infection and increases the lifespan of the device.


What are the advantages of Using Remote Control Dildo?

★ Designed for solo masturbation and couple play

★ The devices are unisex

★ Easy to use and clean

★ Comes with a remote control allowing users to switch the vibration and speed

★ There are many remote control vibrators customizable to users' needs

What are the disadvantages of remote control sex toys?

● They are expensive compared to manual dildos

● Not for users with extreme orgasms that you can’t control your senses.

How to Clean a Remote dildo?

Cleaning a remote vibration is easy. You can use a sex toy cleaner or a damp soapy cloth to clean the cock. Be careful not to destroy the motor with water. Afterward, dry the shaft with a dry cloth.


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