【B3G1F】8 Speeds 8 Rotation Automatic Male Masturbation Cup



  • Shaft design, convenient to grasp;
  • 8 rotations x 8 speeds= 64 explosive stimulus, real sex experience;
  • 360° forward / reverse rotation, longer and more comfortable masturbation;
  • New LCD touch screen design, high-quality designs that full of luxury;
  • 3D real labia suck penis tightly, fully massage your bro;
  • Entrance with real pussy sensuality, perfectly mimics the lover’s sweet opening;
  • Detachable sleeve, easy cleaning.


Product Description:

The rotating ways of this masturbation cup is alternately to left and right. Each mode has 8 speeds, which can be freely controlled from low to high speed! On the one hand, the movement is very intense at the minimum speed, so you can enjoy comfortable friction! On the other hand, the highest speed of it can be at amazed 330 rpm! It provides unprecedented explosive fun. Compared to thrusting, this masturbation cup focuses on rotating more. We can say it is the best gift for men who want to experience the new style of masturbation. Moreover, what’s amazing is its touch screen with action buttons! This is a revolutionary advance in electric masturbation with high-quality designs. Following human-based rules, Acmejoy modified this cup to let you can hold it in your hands without setting fixtures. In addition, the insertion entrance mimicking the labia of a real woman that is narrow and pleasant as if you would enter into a dreamy realm. Transparent inner with all-round particles stimulate your large cock and the thickened middle part is soft and safe. When the penis is tightly wrapped, you will be surrounded by sex passions too.


Size: 10.24*3.15*3.15″
Weight: 1.26 lb
Material: TPE+ABS


Package List:
1 × masturbation cup

1 × charging cable